Simplify Funeral Products and Services With All-In-One Funeral Software

Are you currently running your business working with multiple vendors, from printers to web site developers? The hassle of tracking inventory, the stress of ensuring that orders are placed, overseeing complicated bookkeeping – and all while working with rigid deadlines – is a business practice of the past if your funeral home is using all-in-one software. This revolutionary software has been designed exclusively for the funeral home profession so you can be assured that every detail has been considered. All that is required from you are a few pieces of equipment and the willingness to learn a very simple software program that is installed on your in-house computer. The rewards you reap are invaluable.

With all-in-one funeral software you will streamline your business in a way that was once unfathomable. The breadth of products you can create goes far beyond simple letterhead and cards. You are now in command of ALL the ancillary products that truly create a memorable funeral service. The funeral specific software enables you to create magnificent DVD tribute videos with photos, video clips and any one of over 500 themes to choose from to tell the story of your clients’ loved ones. Replete with music, professional effects such as synced transitions and pan/zoom features, these are quickly becoming one of the most requested products at funeral services.

The same software guides you easily through the development of a comprehensive portfolio of customizable funeral stationery. Whether your clients are looking for prayer cards, memorial folders, register books, acknowledgement cards, bookmarks, tri-fold programs or even funeral candles, the all-in-one software allows for complete personalization – quickly and easily. With multiple layout features and advanced editing options there is no better way to offer clients the best variety and finest design selections. The same holds true for digital signs which are electronic displays that present specific information such as the location, name and times of the service. With the ability to update frequently and easily, the cost savings are significant when compared to the printing and construction costs associated with static signage.

Another exceptional feature included in all-in-one software is funeral webcasting. Ideal for families widely dispersed across the country or overseas, you can broadcast funeral services globally with simultaneous streaming over 30 servers worldwide. Live and delayed streaming is a great convenience for out-of-town loved ones who can watch the service live or at a later time if necessary. The highest quality streaming guarantees that your online funeral service will be effortless and without glitches.

The all-in-one funeral software comes with 24/7 technical assistance, available at any time for any question. With your in-house computer, a printer, blank perforated stock an HD camera, tripod, wireless microphone and USB video capture device, you can provide all the aforementioned products and services to your client families. If you have ever dreamed of reducing your vendor list, having full control over timelines and being able to offer the best in funeral service products and services, you can now make that dream a reality. All-in-one funeral software is all you need to assist your clients in planning a memorable and touching service.

Up Selling Your Products and Services For More Cash!

If you want to increase your profits without having to look for new customers add this one strategy correctly and I can guarantee you that you will have more money in your bank at the end of the month.

I Don’t Know What Up Selling Is..

To define what up selling is, lets have a look at the definition from Wikipedia:

Up-selling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products, but up-selling can also be simply exposing the customer to other options he or she may not have considered previously. Up-selling can imply selling something additional, or selling something that is more profitable or otherwise preferable for the seller instead of the original sale.

In the context of an Internet business we can apply up selling on your website just before a customer finalises an order or at any thank you page. It is quite simple to do and sometimes very easy to overlook and it provides the opportunity to increase your profits with minimal or almost no effort.

How To Use An Upsell In Your Business?

Let’s start with an example to understand where up selling can fit into your Internet business. I am sure you have heard of McDonalds? Next time you buy a burger from them pay attention to how the 15 year old asks you for an up sell. Here is what happens. You order a Big Mac, French Fries and a drink, and it gets processed, then the cashier asks you, “Would you like to upgrade your drink and French Fries to a large for an extra fifty cents?”. You don’t hesitate and answer yes, since it’s only an extra fifty cents and you get more of what you wanted. Bargain isn’t it? Well, McDonalds already had the sale and by adding one little thing into their marketing they immediately increase their profits. This is up selling at McDonalds.

How can we apply up selling to your Internet business and increase your profits? Try it on your order pages or thank you pages. For example, “Buy this product, and get one year free technical support. Check this box to get lifetime support for an additional $29.95.” This allows you the opportunity to make almost an extra $30 from each sale. It is very easy to add to your processes and can make a huge difference on your profits. It is even easier once it is automated which is made possible from an Internet business.

Another way to increase your profits with up selling is to include sales sheets with the packaging of your physical products. Include an offer for free bonuses, which will drive traffic back to your website to take up the offer. Once they are on your website you can offer them one-time offers or repeat the up sell process again on other items. See how easy it is to include this simple strategy?

It’s Easy Cash, Why Don’t More Internet Businesses Use It?

The reason is that most business owners are either not aware of this strategy or have put it off and chased after other opportunities to look for new customers. If you have a database of customers who are not currently purchasing from you at least once a year, then you have an excellent opportunity to up sell your products and services. Take action and don’t let procrastination overtake you. This one strategy can can be your most profitable marketing tool for your business.